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Our clinic specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of venous diseases

Specifically, we focus on the lower extremities, from varicose veins, diabetic foot, to other injuries on the lower limbs. We have branches in Tijuana, Monterrey, Mexico City, Tapachula, Tabasco and Ciudad Victoria.

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Thanks to our privileged location in the capital of medical tourism, and on the world’s second-most visited border, we have been able to improve the health and wellbeing of patients from all over Mexico and the United States.

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Our team is made up of exceptional health professionals, all certified and with years of experience in the treatment of venous diseases.

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    With training in Phlebology - the study of veins - and Lymphology - the study of the lymphatic system.

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    The team will always make sure that our patients feel in an environment of respect and trust.

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    Our doctors are committed to providing the patient with all the information they require, in a clear and simple language.

Our Doctors

Meet our Specialists

Dr. Josué Ángel Capella Ibarra

Director, Clínica de Várices Tijuana
M.D., Phlebology
Professional License: 9775659


Dr. Carlos René García Barra

M.D., Cardiovascular Surgeon
Professional License: 3909582
Specialization License: 6442685


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Chronic Venous Insufficiency

This is a disease where the veins have difficulty pumping blood back to the heart from the lower extremities. It can be caused by: blockages, stenosis, weakness in the vein wall, and valvular dysfunction.

Risk Factors

Weakness in the vein wall and in the valvular structure are dependent on:


Office Procedures

Conventional Sclerotherapy

This involves the injection of a medicine called Polidocanol, a microfoam that breaks the internal vein wall and stimulates a process of scarring and closing varicose or dysfunctional veins. Over time, the body begins to slowly reabsorb the vein until it disappears. Usually, symptoms diminish from the first or second session. An average of three to five sessions are advised, which can take place every two to four weeks.

Ultrasound-guided Chemical Ablation, or Echo Guided Sclerotherapy

This begins in the same way as conventional sclerotherapy, however it is carried out on larger-caliber veins, and those that can only be seen using the ultrasound doppler. This method uses higher concentrations of medicine, because the veins being treated are thicker.


Operating Room Procedures

Thermal Radiofrequency Ablation

The objective is to break the internal vein wall, however this is completed using heat. Eligible patients include those with insufficiency in the great saphenous vein or the small saphenous vein, which are large-caliber veins in the lower extremities’ superficial vein system. 

This is an outpatient procedure, meaning the patient remains under observation for 90 minutes, and is then discharged. The following day the patient may return to their daily activities. The only mandatory aftercare is to wear compression stockings up to the mid-thigh for a full week following the procedure. 

Another advantage of this procedure is that only one session is needed, and there is no need for invasive surgery. A small incision is made, no bigger than a needle, and stitches are not necessary. For this reason, the risk of infection from the wound is almost zero, in comparison with saphenectomy that requires large incisions and the removal of a part or the whole of the vein. 

Goodbye, varicose veins!

Goodbye, varicose

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"I highly recommend it. I saw the first results right after the first two sessions. I had a great improvement in no time. The doctor and nurse are very friendly and helpful. You should always invest in your health!".

Angy Plata Patient

"I only make a recommendation when I really mean it. This clinic is worth it. I’ve seen great results throughout my treatment and we’re just halfway there!”.

Betty De Espinoza Patient

“I went to the clinic because I felt a lot of fatigue, burning and inflammation. They are spectacular. I’ve had a very noticeable improvement in less than a month. I 100% recommend it”.

José Luis Hernández Patient

“I’ve been feeling way better after just a couple of sessions. My legs look and feel great already. Thank you all for everything".

Beronika Veve Patient

“I visited them the first time because I was suffering of pain and heaviness. The attention of the doctor himself and his assistant was excellent. I had great results in less than a month”.

Mauricio Renteria Patient
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